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C Major Diatonic (G3-G5)

Our Capella Diatonic Xylophone has 15 Rainbow Coloured Notes and is tuned to C Major G3-G5.

Because of its diatonic arrangement, players are able to play lots of familiar or favourite tunes as well as improvising or composing their own.

The vibrantly coloured anodised notes are set to our rainbow scale and can be combined with one of our Music Books where the notes on the instruments correspond with the coloured notes on the music sheets. Players then simply follow the colours to play a well-know song.

Set on an HDPE mounting, the stainless steel resonators will deliver a bright rounded sound.

Made to order in 4-6 weeks.

Ground Install
Price $3,300.00
Shipping $198.00
Total $3,498.00
Surface Mounted
Price $3,620.00
Shipping $217.20
Total $3,837.20
Shipping to USA, including Import Duties and Taxes (Delivered Duty Paid)

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