We need to talk about pricing.....

For those located in the northern hemisphere, while this summer may have looked quite different from others, it still managed to go by too quickly - as it always does - and Halloween and holiday ads are now looming. As we soak up those last days of sunshine and say goodbye to the dog days of summer, we are looking forward to seeing the exciting musical projects and proposals you are all working on for the fall and beyond.

At Percussion Play we’ve been working on some fun and interesting design ideas, and as we prepare to enter the new season, we see no slowdown in the work we've been doing. We want to continue to grow and offer new products and services, therefore, in order to remain competitive while still retaining the quality you've come to expect of us, we’ve made the decision to raise our prices across our product range, effective from 1 September. On average, the changes represent a 1.5% increase.

Click here to download our new price list so you can see how the changes will affect your projects going forward.

Price increases are an unavoidable part of doing business and we hope we can continue to serve your company long into the future. We will continue to expand our product portfolio with new and innovative instruments that are sure to excite your customers. We will also ensure the increased availability of our instruments with shorter turnarounds wherever possible.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your project or plans.