Freechimes from Percussion Play are practical, durable and stylish with a wonderful melody and sustain that will liven up any outdoor area. Available individually, in pre-set arrangements or as a full symphony ranging from 1.5m (5ft) C3 to the smallest C6 at just 0.5m (18")

Whether you are looking for solo chimes to place sporadically around your outdoor area to add a musical sound wherever you go, or you are looking for a symphony arrangement around which outdoor lessons and concerts can be played, Freechimes can be adapted to suit all.
Reminiscent of orchestral tubular bells, the sleek design of aluminium tubing makes these chimes outstanding in both sound quality and visual appeal. Using only the highest quality materials, we promise the best quality resonant sound you've ever heard in any outdoor musical chime. Made of precision-cut high-grade aluminium tubing, constructed to exacting tolerances, our corrosion-protective finish preserves the chime's appearance, increases durability in hostile environments and will never rust.

The pick and mix arrangements of Freechimes means space or budget restraints need no longer be an issue.  There are so many possible musical combinations to make from the twenty-two available chimes. However, some combinations simply sound better than others and we've therefore produced suggested octaves in both pentatonic and diatonic ranges. We're confident that you will find a combination that suits you and your environment.

Solo chimes are perfect where there are space or budget restrictions. The single-tone chime emits a beautiful, gently pulsating ring that resonates an amazingly long time. Additional chimes can be purchased at any time, allowing you to gradually build up your own symphony.

Frustrated by having achieved the correct pitch and tone of each individual note only to have the sound quality lost by all existing fixing methods on the market, Percussion Play developed a universal fixing method to optimise both the sound quality and functionality of the notes.

Each node is suspended by two stainless steel fixings, optimising the resonance of the note and maximising it's sustain.  The universal mounting bracket is predrilled to facilitate fixing with either a rawl bolt or 4-screws.  The unique Freechimes mounting panel comes prepared with all mounting points easily identifiable for ease of installation.
For the smoothest surface finish we use a superior aluminium, which is fully heat-treated. Used in the aircraft and marine industry, it is a high strength structural alloy with excellent anti-corrosion properties. The chimes have a centre-less linished finish resembling brushed stainless steel, which means that over the course of time the chimes will not show any significant signs or wear and tear.

This sleek brushed steel effect also makes them appear timeless and suitable for many different locations and appealing for both adults and children.  Many playground chimes come in a multi-coloured powder coated finish and whilst these bright colours may initially be attractive, they do fade in time and the powder coating inevitably may chip, flake or peel.
We cut and precisely tune each tube by hand to ensure you are always treated to a harmonic and resonant sound. Great for calming the atmosphere or spicing it up depending on the situation.