IMPORTANT UPDATE: Additional Freight Charges during the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

++++ 23/12/2020 UPDATE: Surcharge to be removed from January - we will therefore be decreasing the freight charges from 10 to 8 percent from 1 January 2021 ++++

We received the following message from our freight forwarder and we are now incurring a significant increase in freight costs which we cannot continue to absorb.

“During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis we remain committed to helping you effectively manage your transportation.

Due to limited cargo capacity availability in the market, we are currently experiencing a huge demand for shipments from Europe to the US and Canada, particularly driven by urgent medical and healthcare shipments. We have added extra aircraft on specific routes to accommodate this demand.

In order to ensure our continuous operation in such a constrained environment, we have also put a temporary restriction on all Economy shipments from Europe to the US and Canada.

We are continuously monitoring the situation and we will advise you as soon as the situation allows it.”

Our freight carrier continues to accept express shipments however on average the cost is 30 percent more than normal. Percussion Play has already absorbed temporary surcharges on freight which are still in place as a result of the COVID-19 increased demand for shipments.

As a consequence of the above, we are unfortunately forced to increase the freight charges from 8 to 10 percent as a temporary measure to the US and Canada.

The additional cost will be shown as a separate line on quotations and order confirmations for any new orders with immediate effect however as soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will inform you and the costs will revert to the original 8 percent.