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Welcome to the Percussion Play Virtual Booth

The Rotary Convention is typically one of the highlights of our year; we get to exhibit in the House of Friendship and enjoy face-to-face connections, memorable experiences, and engaging conversations with Rotarians from all around the world. Usually, we purposely aim to offer an interactive experience and invite guests onto our booth to play our outdoor musical instruments, make some noise, and have some fun while learning more about us.

Whilst we were extremely disappointed not to be able to meet you in Honolulu last year (just where will we wear those Hawaiian shirts now??) or yet again be able to meet you in person this year, we are very excited to attend our first virtual conference. So, even though you won't hear the harmonious sound of our musical instruments being played while you walk through the crowded aisles of House of Friendship, we still have this opportunity to interact with you, show you some new instruments, share exciting community music projects completed over the past few years, and connect with each other!

Completed Rotary Music Projects

We know that the best ideas don’t always come fully formed into a complete project plan, so we want to encourage you to be bold and develop your ideas or concepts into something that is both unique and achievable. Drawing on a range of case studies that showcase successful Rotary community-based music projects, we can show how these ideas and concepts have lead to a real legacy of local engagement with a real impact on communities.

Modesto Rotary Club Helps Music Fill the Air Downtown

A new music garden has become part of the rejuvenation of downtown Modesto, a beautification project aimed to make the area more attractive, inviting, functional and informative for residents and visitors alike.

Music Teacher's Dream for Outdoor Music Park Becomes a Reality Thanks to Rotary Donation

The ‘Valle Verde Rotary Music Park for the Continental School Community’ was completed thanks to a Rotary district grant and donation as well as many Rotarians participating in the installation of the instruments, working alongside the principal, teachers, and staff of Continental School.

Wilmington Rotary Drums Up Community Connection

The Rotary Club of Wilmington proudly unveiled the Jonathan P. Whitcomb Memorial Music Circle – an installation of outdoor drums and chimes designed to fill the local park with sound and give children and adults a chance to discover their inner percussionist.

Belleville Rotary Hits all the Right Notes!

To commemorate its 100th Year of Community Service, the Belleville Rotary Club unveiled a unique musical garden project aimed to entertain people of all ages year-round by providing an assortment of outdoor musical instruments from Percussion Play.

Community Pulls Together to Create Inclusive Musical Playground, Blenheim, New Zealand

Blenheim Rotary Club donates Rainbow Samba drums to a large community project designed to make playtime more inclusive.

2020/2021 New Products

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These larger-than-life Flower Petal Drums inspired by the natural world will be sure to create a striking focal point and add year-round interest to music parks, sensory gardens, and playgrounds.

Expanding our collection of instruments inspired by the botanical world, we've taken one of our most popular products the Babel Drum - a sweet-sounding stainless steel tongue drum – and given it a floral upgrade. With designs based on the Sunflower, Forget-Me-Not, Daisy, and Poppy these curvaceous Petal Drums are tuned to different scales and charmingly simple, instantly recognizable, and sure to brighten up outdoor spaces through the winter months and beyond.

Stepping Stones secretly hide musical chords beneath that are easily activated by a step, jump, push or wheel across their tops. They offer a budget-friendly low-profile way to add a little musical fun to a vibrant walkway, public plaza, sensory path, cycleway, or play area.

These six Stepping Stones will create a multi-sensory experience for pedestrians - they are surprising, they grab attention and they 'activate' public spaces.

Reminiscent of orchestral tubular bells, the sleek design of the colored anodized aluminum tubing makes these chimes outstanding in both sound quality and visual appeal. Using only the highest quality materials, we promise the best quality resonant sound you have ever heard in any outdoor musical chime.

The Calypso Chimes, along with other instruments in our Rainbow Range use colored notation, where each note of the scale is represented by a different color.

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