Babel/Petal Drum Mallet

Both our Babel and Petal Drums are designed to be played simply with your hands and fingers - this really creates a feeling of connection with the drum and will produce some wonderful mesmerizing sounds. This playing method doesn't need much effort or indeed any special skills, although it can require a little practice to get the technique nailed. However, for beginners, older players, and those with Arthritis, tender hands, or finger joints - and also those with little patience! - we have designed these smaller lightweight mallets that are just perfect to use with these instruments.

These bijou mallets are also versatile enough to be played on any of our instruments for players suffering from a very weak or painful grip or those with limited dexterity. Their lightweight nature of both the mallet and the cable makes them much easier to hold and control. The sound produced may not be as powerful but will still be extremely pleasing and the enjoyment of playing not diminished.

If you would like to retrofit these mallets to an existing Babel Drum or replace a missing mallet, they come supplied with all the fixings you'll require.

N.B. The standard cable length is perfect for use with the Babel or Petal Drums - if you would like to use them for any other instrument then please contact us first and we will ensure they are sent with the correct cable length for your instrument.

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Made to order in 1-2 weeks.

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