Parks & Trails

Musical playgrounds and music trails with permanent outdoor musical instruments make music accessible to would-be musicians of any age and require no previous musical skills or knowledge to enjoy. Perfect for the local community to make music together.

Our outdoor musical instruments will attract fun-seekers of all ages from 2-92. They engage families, help create special memories and spread the joy of spontaneous music-making to the outside world. Some pretty awesome sounds can be made when you combine music, families and the great outdoors!
Constructed of durable, easily cared-for materials, the instruments are low maintenance and require no safer surfacing. They’re perfect for all-inclusive playgrounds and make original, unusual additions to recreation areas, cycle trails or woodland walks.

Outdoor musical instruments are ideal for landscape architects, local authorities and playground designers looking for dynamic, interactive playful items that add energy and soul to your outdoor area. These instruments make people stop, they challenge the individuals who encounter them, whatever their age. Integrated with local architecture or landscaping they cross the boundaries of usual play equipment and they allow music making possible for any member of the public to enjoy - making them both desirable and fun.

Percussion Play instruments are designed to encourage audience participation in a hands-on way, to provide opportunities for meaningful engagement whilst outdoors.

Including musical instruments in a playground in addition to traditional play structures, offers a truly multi-generational opportunity for people of all ages to play alongside each other. Families, teachers, students, parents, grandparents, and children can all make music together and not just because of it helping children's intellectual and emotional development, but simply because it's fun.

Music has great power for bringing people together, and brings countless benefits psychological, spiritual, and physical as well as creating wonderful happy memories.

So, whether you are looking for an unusual addition for a school playground, sensory garden, local park, large urban park or community area, Percussion Play has a solution to effortlessly bring music to your open space.