Outdoor Musical Instruments For Everyone, Everywhere!

People of all ages relate to and enjoy music, making it a universal language, of sorts. Music is a vital part of human existence and is integrated into the everyday lives of people. However, its value can go far beyond simply listening. Making music is a great form of expression and can be something for everyone regardless of age or culture.

Musical instruments in the great outdoors can help keep elders active as well as engage young children, students, musicians, and other members of the community. Music making outdoors can help cultivate a love for music and community through making a musical connection and finding common ground together.

We wanted to create a mechanism by which people could share their musical voices, a mission to awaken, enliven, nurture, and sustain the natural love of music making in people of all ages. Something our elders enjoy it as much as our children; musical solutions that fit your specific needs no matter what industry sector you are working within.

From working with elders in hospices or nursing homes to pre-schoolers in nurseries, we can help create exciting ways in which people of all ages can make music in the great outdoors.