Music Made For The Great Outdoors Podcast

Our new podcast, "Music Made for the Great Outdoors," celebrates communities embracing the benefits of creating music in outdoor settings. This series showcases the individuals, groups, and communities that have discovered and are advocating for the extraordinary benefits of outdoor musical instruments in various outdoor settings for people of all ages and abilities. Join us on this auditory journey as we discover the innovative ways in which communities across the globe are embracing the outdoors as their stage.

Read the Case Study and listen below to Development Officer Alisa Mize of The Museum of Music Making in California as she shares her experience of working with Percussion Play and the impact their new interactive Baby Floor Piano is having on their visitors.

How can making music in the great outdoors support our senior communities? This episode explores how one elder care community is benefiting from a music garden and delves into the impact music can have on cognition, mental health, and physical health. Doctors and researchers will explain their pioneering and latest research, and we will also learn why Denmark is a world leader in senior care, embracing music as a tool to create engaging and happy environments. Click here or on the image below to play.

Elder Care Podcast (Ep1) (PODCAST TEMPLATE