Rainbow Collection

Legend has it that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold - but we like to believe you’d find a musical playground jammed full of children and colorful outdoor musical instruments from our Rainbow Collection.

There’s something inherently cheerful about a rainbow that both children and adults enjoy; they elicit a sense of awe and delight, bringing the promise of sunshine and blue skies on the horizon.

With young children in mind, we hope to recreate this feeling with our range of bright, fresh and vibrant musical instruments; designed to help young minds learn music in a fun and accessible way. Most of the instruments within the collection have individually colored notes tuned to a simple rainbow scale, this helps children as young as two follow simple tunes. By introducing key musical concepts such as pitch and tempo at an early age, children can engage with music in a meaningful way, satisfying their natural desire for creativity and, self-expression with no knowledge of notation. This can help develop several key development areas such as language, dexterity, and memory.
Our collections and ensembles are a great way to get your outdoor music project moving quickly. Whilst all of the Percussion Play instruments play together, we have carefully considered the character and sound each instrument produces to ensure the absolute best combinations.

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