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Welcome to the Percussion Play outdoor musical instruments gallery.

This collection of outdoor musical instruments represent music-making from many cultures around the world. From this page you can select individual instruments to view further images, product information and dimensions as well as make product comparisons.

Outdoor Musical Instruments should, of course, be heard and an important factor in choosing the right instrument is the sound it makes. By selecting an instrument you will be able to listen to a sound recording or watch a short video of the instrument being played. There is no greater joy than finding the right instrument and we hope this makes it easier for you to select the right outdoor musical instrument for you, your school or your outdoor environment or play area.

Percussion instruments are the oldest type of musical instruments with many different musical personalities. As our Company name implies, all our instruments are true percussion instruments, designed explicitly for permanent outdoor installation. Constraints of volume and space disappear outdoors and players can experiment and explore the sounds of these large scale percussion instruments freely.

The term percussion means ‘struck’ and strictly speaking percussion instruments are those that will produce a sound when they are struck with a beater, mallet or hand. New instruments are always being invented and added to the percussionist’s repertoire – likewise Percussion Play are always developing and expanding their range of outdoor musical instruments. For example the recent launch of Inspired By Nature a collection of nature-themed botanical outdoor musical instruments beginning with musical flowers. So be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new in the world of outdoor percussion!