Thousands of organizations have come to us wanting our help to bring music and harmony to their parks and playgrounds, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, museums and family-attractions, and many other different settings.

We strongly believe in extending play beyond the traditional, making play inclusive and the positivity of multi-generational interaction. Music has great power for bringing people together and including musical instruments in a park, playground or trail makes music-making irresistible for people of all cultures, ages, and abilities.

Read their reviews of Percussion Play to learn how great outdoor musical instruments have enhanced their outside spaces.

Percussion Play

Leah Oppenheimer, Director of Community Outreach Children's Museum of the East End, Bridgehampton, New York

“We now have music to listen to all day thanks to the position of the ensemble of instruments. Not only are they a hit with our guests- both children and parents, they’re a hit with the entire team here! What’s great about the instruments is that parents are interested in playing them too, so children and parents play together. Thanks to the instruments being on the pentatonic scale, you can never play a bad note, so every tune played is beautiful to listen to. It’s such a joy to hear children and parents jamming together; in my book, every children’s museum should add these to their offering!”

Case Study

Rev. Kris Litman-Koon All-Saints Lutheran Church, Mount Please, South Carolina,

My congregation decided to convert an outdoor space into a musically interactive area that is accessible to all. The Percussion Play website guided us in making our decisions. The staff was extremely helpful throughout the purchase process. Since my congregation is based in South Carolina, USA, the staff at Percussion Play also assisted us with the intricacies of an international order, as well as making sure we had help in navigating U.S. Customs and Border Patrol process. Everything arrived in perfect condition, and the assembly of the various pieces is minimal. If you know how to set a fence post in concrete, you already know how to do the hardest part of the installation (and if you don't have that knowledge, the instruments come with instructions). Our Sound Garden has been a delight for all ages, and we hope to purchase some more instruments from Percussion Play in the coming years to expand the space. I give Percussion Play my highest recommendation.

Case Study

Emily Sitzes - Director of Community Wellness Laclede Groves Lutheran Senior Services Community, Webster Groves, Missouri, USA

"We wanted to go with a company we knew was secure and compared Percussion Play to another large company. We were really drawn to the vibrancy of the instruments, and we could hear the sounds they made on the website. These recordings were really helpful when choosing. We loved the collections from Percussion Play as we wanted them to be vibrant and draw people in. The Rainbow Collection really fits that focus, and we loved the Calypso Chimes and the Rainbow Chimes. We also loved how natural the instruments felt. Being inspired by nature was important, so we chose the Harmony Flowers.”

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Gene Coppola - Library Director Palm Harbor Library Palm Harbor, Florida

I am so glad we are in partnership with your company. It's a win-win! Thank you.

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Judy Mank, Music Teacher Monmouth Memorial School, Monmouth, Maine, USA

I can't tell you how very pleased I am (and our school is) with your company from the quality of the products to the customer service from the very beginning to now (and I think the PTO wants to continue this relationship in the future as well)

Case Study

Tom Corin, Head of Music St John's School, London

We absolutely love it. The Lord Mayor of London visited our school and enjoyed listening to the instruments. We’d be interested to add more to the installation through next year and will be in touch if finance allows!

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