Thousands of organizations have come to us wanting our help to bring music and harmony to their parks and playgrounds, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, museums and family-attractions, and many other different settings.

We strongly believe in extending play beyond the traditional, making play inclusive and the positivity of multi-generational interaction. Music has great power for bringing people together and including musical instruments in a park, playground or trail makes music-making irresistible for people of all cultures, ages, and abilities.

Read their reviews of Percussion Play to learn how great outdoor musical instruments have enhanced their outside spaces.

Percussion Play

Cynthia Hirtzel - Library Fundraiser and Volunteer Hubbard Public Library, Ohio

The team at Percussion Play was so patient and kind. It felt like an unusual experience as no company I have ever worked with has helped me in that way”.

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Mary Anne Russo Children's Librarian Hubbard Public Library, Ohio

As you can see in the photos, our beautiful sunflower petal drums are located along our StoryWalk trail. The area also features a Sensory Path. Patrons are enjoying the enchanting sounds of the drums, and their beautiful appearance beckons patrons as they enter our parking lot.

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Cynthia Hirtzel, Volunteer & Patron Hubbard (Ohio) Public Library

The Sunflower Petal Drums are installed and being enjoyed by MANY!!

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Terence L. Horan, CLU, ChFC President & Chief Executive Officer, Registered Principal Horan Health Wealth Life, Cincinnati, Ohio

Thank you so much we are having so much fun with the Akadinda, it is a wonderful piece.

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Commissioner Adrian Garcia Harris County, Texas

“The percussion sets are a win-win in many aspects! They add to the aesthetic of the public space, expose children to musical instruments, allow children to express themselves in a new way, and stimulate sensory learning.”

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Tina Keegan - Exhibits Director Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, San Francisco, California

These instruments are high quality and well-made. We put them in our children's museum and guests love them. The sounds are gentle on the ears and enjoyable even when kids don't quite have musical skill yet. They are also quite pretty.

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