Mallet Minders

Keep your musical play zone tidy with our new Mallet Minders – neat musical playground solutions to hold both large and small mallets securely in place.

Easily fitted to your existing instruments, Mallet Minders are holders for your instrument's mallets that help keep them off the ground, cleaner, and more easily accessible.
The ‘single’ or ‘double’ stainless steel plates - complete with durable polyurethane holders – are firmly attached to the post or leg of your existing outdoor musical instrument with the fixings included. The mallets (both small or large) then simply slot securely into the universal holder making them both easy to grab and easy to put away - helping to keep your outdoor music park a little more organized!

Easy Retro Fit
Mallet Minders are designed to be retrofitted to any of our instruments where the mallets are attached using a saddle strap. Simply remove the existing saddle strap, position the new mallet minder steel plate in place, and refix the saddle strap on top to secure the mallet minder in place.

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Made to order in 1-2 weeks.

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