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Alto Quartet Ensemble


The Alto Quartet Ensemble is the bigger sibling to the Soprano Quartet Ensemble, an ideal solution for when you’ve got more space to play with and a little more budget.

This quartet is comprised of; a Duo Cupla – offering both aluminium and fibreglass notes, a towering set of 3 Emperor Chimes, our Alto Diatonic Freechimes and a complete Congas Trio.

This set can be installed all together or can easily be split up into smaller musical ensembles. The Diatonic Freechimes give an additional dimension to this quartet allowing further musical exploration.

Ensemble Composition: Duo Cupla, Congas Trio, Alto Diatonic Freechimes, Emperor Chimes (Set of 3)

Made to order in 4-6 weeks.

Ground Install
MSRP $10,965.00
Shipping $877.20
Total $11,842.20
Surface Mounted
MSRP $12,665.00
Shipping $1,013.20
Total $13,678.20
Shipping to USA, including Import Duties and Taxes (Delivered Duty Paid)

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