Kibbutz Visitors Combine Rhythm of the Med
with Soft Babel Drum Tones

Musical look-out point created with Babel Drums overlooking beautiful bay in Mediterranean Holiday Resort

Client: Sdot Yam Kibbutz
Location: Sdot Yam, Israel

The beautiful Sdot Yam Kibbutz is located on the coastline near the ancient city of Caesarea, Israel. A kibbutz is a type of settlement or collective community unique to Israel. Traditionally based on agriculture, today there are over 270 kibbutzim in Israel and they've diversified greatly since their agricultural beginnings. The kibbutz offers a unique insight into Israeli society, and are fascinating places to visit.

On their stunning seashore, overlooking a beautiful natural bay and accompanied by the rhythm of the Mediterranean Sea, both residents and visitors of the Kibbutz, even those with no musical experience, can now enjoy the soft and calm melodies produced by two stainless steel Babel Drums.

Babel Drums – Stainless Steel Tongue Drums

Installed last year, the babel drums have proved to be an extremely popular attraction, perhaps this is because playing the babel drum can encourage relaxation, relieve stress and for both player and anyone else within earshot. The lingering tones produced come from the vibration of the tongues cut out of the top of the instrument. Players are free to experiment with different sounds using their hands, pads of their fingers or fingertips. A wonderful way to unwind and spend time, enjoying the views and sea air.