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Bell Lyre

Unpitched Percussion

Our Bell Lyre is an outdoor instrument made of 8 graduated stainless-steel bells presented within a beautiful contemporary stand reminiscent of a lyre.

Easy to play and for all ages and abilities, the bells ‘sing’ when struck with the attached pair of mallets. The sound produced by the Bell Lyre is two-fold; the strike notes and the resonance. The bells range in diameter from 100mm to 290mm and each bell emits its own sound; with sweet, gentle tones from the bells at the top and deep, sonorous ‘gong’ like sounds of the bottom bells.

With an easy single post-installation, the Bell Lyre is a low maintenance calming addition to any outdoor setting. The mirror-polished stainless-steel bells will reflect the environment and images of passers-by.

Product Highlights

  • Charming statement piece
  • Reflective polished stainless steel
  • Unpitched
  • Accessible From All Sides (Disabled Access / ADA)

Made to order in 2-4 Weeks.

Ground Install
MSRP $3,560.00
Shipping $284.80
Total $3,844.80
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Surface Mounted
MSRP $3,730.00
Shipping $298.40
Total $4,028.40
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Shipping to USA, including Import Duties and Taxes (Delivered Duty Paid)

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