Belleville Rotary Hits all the Right Notes!

To commemorate its 100th Year of Community Service, the Belleville Rotary Club has unveiled a unique musical garden project aimed to entertain people of all ages year-round by providing an assortment of outdoor musical instruments from Percussion Play.

Designed to be fully accessible, the music garden features an ensemble of eight instruments including; a set of seven tubular bells, a Harmony T-Rung outdoor xylophone, a Bell Lyre, large and small Babel Drums, Handpipes, Rainbow Sambas Outdoor Drums, a Duo Cupla and Cavatina.

Completed over the course of a year by the Rotary Club, the project was led by Vince Lynch, in conjunction with city staff.

Rotary President Doug Peterson says it will a big attraction for people of all ages, especially children. “Kids love music. I think it’s going to be a big attraction and it could introduce younger kids to music, who maybe wouldn’t normally get a chance,” he added.

Chair of the 100th anniversary committee Bill MacKay added: "The Music Garden continues with Rotary's rich history of musical involvement and assisting those with physical challenges."

Inclusivity and accessibility are two important pieces to the garden and MacKay said the instruments are to be enjoyed by everyone, including those with limited range of movement, individuals on the autism spectrum and people who can only process one sensory system at a time. The Duo Cupla was particularly selected for its accessibility have been specially designed to enable those on the autistic spectrum to engage with the instruments in their own way, whilst still interacting with another player but without having to make eye contact.

The installation, approved by council this past spring, was donated to the city of Belleville by the Rotary Club and is intended to mark the club’s centennial year, which runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

"I know from dropping by the park and watching kids and adults enjoy it already, it’s very gratifying,” said Mackay.