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Blues Tembos

Blues Scale (G, Bb, C, Eb, F, Gb, G)

Playing any instrument with the notes from a blues scale will instantly create a blues vibe - and these plosive aerophones are no different.

The blues go hand in hand with creating 'music in the moment.' Rather than thinking about notes or theory, the sound, style, and feel of what you're playing matters most.

Our seven blissful notes on the Blues Tembos allow players to don their 'blues hats' and make some fantastic bluesy sounds.

Product Highlights

  • Unique Bluesy Sound
  • Multi-generational
  • Tall and Intriguing
  • Accessible Play Equipment
  • Inclusive Playground Product

Made to order in 6-8 Weeks.

Ground Install
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Surface Mounted
MSRP $9,835.00
Shipping $1,180.20
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