Bockett’s Farm Park Invites Visitors to Make Music in The Great Outdoors

Nestled in the UK's Surrey countryside, Bockett’s Farm Park is a working farm and a popular destination for families who can enjoy a day out meeting the wide range of farm animals, from pigs to ducks and chickens. With lots to explore and see, a farm visit wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the musical playground where visitors of all ages can come together and create music amongst the background noise of the farmyard.

The team at Bockett’s Farm had already installed a set of Rainbow Sambas and Percussion Play MyTunes chimes that play 'Old Macdonald Had A Farm' when the notes are struck sequentially. Keen to expand the musical area, the team recently added Harmony Flowers, Petal Drums, Rainbow Bongos, and Rainbow Chimes. Inspired by Nature, these instruments are the perfect fit for the farmyard and have been embraced by everyone.

The Director of Bockett’s Farm, Hannah Wafula, wanted to add more instruments to their ‘Squirrel Scramble’ area. She says, “We know how popular the instruments are, so we were really keen to add more. The instruments are scattered around the area and bring it to life with the bright colors.”

Hannah says, “Children enjoy the flowers and what is great is that they are inclusive, so everyone, regardless of age or ability, can play and make music. On some quiet days at the farm, the sound from the instruments is stunning. The pentatonic tuning can be calming despite having many children playing the instruments all at once”.

Rupert Tomlins, a local six-year-old, enjoyed playing the Petal Drums with his younger brother. He said, “I like how the drums were petals of a flower and me and my brother could play together.”

We are sure it’s not just the visitors who enjoy the music but the animals too!

What did the cow say when she heard somebody playing the outdoor musical instruments? That's udderly good moo-sic!