Making Music Together at the Building For Kids Children's Museum

A Wisconsin Children's Museum has bought the 'outdoors in' by creating a wonderful musical wall in their Arts Studio using the Rainbow Trio Ensemble

The Building For Kids Children’s Museum is a not-for-profit organization that offers specially designed exhibits, programs, and family events that engage parents, empower children, and energize communities. Located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin, their programs and interactive exhibits inspire, teach and reinforce curiosity. They also hold special events, host birthday parties, and welcome field trips from local schools and nurseries. The museum relies on the generosity of the community to continue running and to be able to offer exciting exhibits, educational programming, and fun family events.

The museum recently installed a Rainbow Trio Ensemble, fixed to the internal wall of their da Vinci Studio on the 2nd Floor of the Museum.

Bre Hauboldt - Educator & da Vinci Studio Coordinator told us,

“In the art studio, we have a section that is all music-related, since that is an art form as well. When choosing instruments for this space it was very important to find something durable and that wouldn't be too obnoxious with a bunch of kiddos banging on it. The Rainbow Trio Ensemble is perfect! Before we had this set, we had tried other instruments that fell apart after a couple of weeks. That has not been a problem at all with the Rainbow Trio Ensemble. No matter how hard the kids bang on the instruments, it always sounds pretty and not obnoxious which is also great! We do use the instruments inside, but they are not too loud or anything. It has been wonderful to see the parents and kids interact together with the instruments. Sometimes we'll have a whole family band back there!”

Jarrad Bittner, Executive Director told us "We heard about Percussion Play while we were searching online for potential percussion instruments. We found that Percussion Play had the most competitive prices and the best options for what we needed now and how we could expand on the music area in the future. Since we purchase items from all over the world, we had no concerns purchasing from a UK based company".

Occupying less space than the full-size instruments, the bright and inviting Rainbow Trio Ensemble requires less budget too – making it appealing for smaller establishments such as nursery schools, museums, and kindergartens. Just like the folk at 'Building for Kids' you can easily bring the outdoors in by installing the instruments to an internal wall or structure, instantly creating a musical den or zone. Playing the Rainbow Trio Ensemble does not require a skill level, or an age limit, so it’s something that friends or families can play with together, all contributing and creating their musical ideas and sounds.