Splash Pad, Flowers and Grand Piano at Netherlands Highest Point

The highest point in the Netherlands now boasts an outdoor Grand Floor Piano and musical flowers thanks to the team at Percussion Play Nederland

Vaals, in the province of Limburg, is located in the far south of the Netherlands and the location of the 'three-country' point - the Drielandenpunt - the intersection of the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Drielandenpunt is a family-friendly tourist attraction and also home to Europe’s largest shrub maze, the Drielandaen Labyrinth, built by British landscape artist Adrian Fisher and using over 17,000 hornbeam shrubs to create. In the middle of the maze (which is said to take up to an hour to complete) is a viewing platform from which visitors can look out across the three different countries. This three-border region is not just an important symbolic and geographical site; it also offers plenty of opportunities for fun and leisure.

Surrounding the labyrinth are a handful of other recreational activities for visitors to enjoy such as a playground, clay shooting, and archery. The Grand Floor Piano (the first in the Netherlands) has been installed along with a posy of Harmony Flowers and Harmony Bells next to the plaza, and cooling splash park. Overwatering is not a problem for these stainless-steel and powder-coated aluminum flowers and the non-slip coating on the piano keys that are neatly recessed into the pavement will ensure no accidents stop the fun.

Our fully chromatic Floor Pianos are purely mechanical, that is, they do not require a power supply. Engineered to perform in all environments, the sonorous subsurface bells will create clear distinctive tones beneath one's feet and children and adults alike are able to compose their own music as they jump, run, wheel, or dance along the notes.

A cross-generational, all-inclusive, wheelchair-accessible giant piano for parks, playgrounds, and trails giving families and friends the opportunity to produce some great tunes together and happy memories all in the great outdoors!