Regional Park and Education Centre Create Musical Playground on Mythological Lake Shore

Sirveta Regional Park is located in Sventoji, a small resort town on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Lithuania. The Visitors' Center allows guests to learn more about the protected area, read information about natural and cultural heritage values, and see an exhibition based on the theme "Mythology".

At the end of 2014, an interactive mythological trail was created as a continuation of the indoor exhibition. Starting from the Visitors' Center, the walk which usually takes between one and two hours, takes the traveler past 17 sculptures, all depicting ancient Lithuanian deities and mythological creatures, leading you in a loop around the stunning Sventa Forest. Information boards along the trail help people learn not only aspects of mythology and cultural heritage but also other interesting natural facts. There is also an opportunity to walk the trail with a guide and educational programs are often held here as well as the Nature School of Sirveta Regional Park.

The mythological trail was installed by the Lithuanian State Protected Areas Service and the Directorate of Sirveta Regional Park. Architect Aurimas Vengri prepared the trail design and has taken a myriad of sculptures by mythological characters and arranged them in a particular order.

At the end of 2019, outdoor musical instruments were installed by Percussion Play Baltics next to the visitor’s center and along the lake shoreline. Visitors can escape the hustle of city life and stroll around this ancient sacred place full of surreal stories and beautiful nature and stop and play on the Papilio Bells, Babel Drum, Harmony, Tutti, and Bell Lyre.

For those in search of tranquillity, a visit to this park is a must. You can hear the waves lapping, the leaves rustling in the trees, the birds singing and the gentle sound of music in the air – guaranteed to help get in touch with your inner calm.

Visitors' feedback only increases the urge to visit here - “Each sculpture evokes the imagination of people - the trail is 1.3 km long, but before we passed it and the sun went down. Most of the old gods and goddesses have descriptions that also attracted a great deal of interest from the younger generation. Another very fascinating thing is that it has outdoor musical instruments, the abundance of which allows you to train your hand and hearing. You walk in the woods and hear the trail testers playing at the beginning of the trail. The sound of music is very beautiful - just enchanting"

Visitors have already experienced the beauty of the trail - it is among the top 10 of the most beautiful trails in Lithuania.

About Percussion Play Baltics

Percussion Play Baltics are the distributor for Percussion Play’s products in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Eglė Prieskienienė (Director) was instrumental in the creation of the very first public music park in Lithuania and winner of the "Expanding New Horizons and Promotion of New Products" award presented at the International Building and Construction Industry Exhibition in Belarus.