Senior Living & Hospitals

Percussion Play feels strongly that copious health benefits can be achieved by seniors who practice hands-on music-making in supportive, sociable settings. In fact, we believe we are only just beginning to truly understand the positive effects of music-making on our bodies and our physical and mental health.

Music for the young and young at heart.
With people living longer than ever before, the significance of quality of life, of physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing alongside opportunities for personal development and purposeful activity has become an increasingly important aspect in the measurement of the health of an individual.

Studies show that music activities (both music listening and music-making) can influence older adults’ perceptions about the quality of their lives. Music is unique in the way that it wakes up the brain, stimulates neural connections that may have been out of use or damaged, motivates movement, and generates positive feelings.

Concurrently, much research has confirmed the importance of encouraging seniors or older adults outdoors into the fresh air and sunlight. Indeed, living in an elder center shouldn’t mean being holed up indoors where it’s ‘safe’ – getting outside each day can bring all kinds of benefits both physically and mentally.

Nature and music are intimately connected and combining the naturally therapeutic effects of being outdoors, along with the healing energy of music, can fuel the senses and become a welcome distraction from the daily routine. Our instruments provide terrific opportunities for quality music-making in the outdoors for all adults, both those with no musical experience and those who were active musicians in the past. Most of the instruments are tuned to the pentatonic scale which makes playing them effortless as the notes within the scale all harmonize with one another, meaning there are no discordant notes, compelling even the non-musical to pick up a mallet and play, producing new and original melodies each time.

Active music-making can be such a rewarding experience for seniors, however, some percussion instruments used for music-making and music therapy can be quite child-like. While developing our instruments we have ensured we keep age-appropriateness in the forefront of our minds and so our instruments are tuned, look authentic, and sound great ensuring players have an enjoyable music-making experience.

Playing music together is a way of communicating and music helps to enhance sociability and create opportunities to forge and retain relationships, as well as offering a way to connect across generational barriers. Intergenerational music making with family members, other residents, visitors or carers, encourages interaction between all ages.