Installation Instructions

1. Assemble Akadinda frame comprising 2x 'X'-shaped legs and 1x horizontal beam. (See Assembly Guide).Cover 8 holes on horizontal beam using 4xBlack caps ( 1.1)
2. Locate M8x80mm eye bolts through pre drilled holes using flat washers on both sides of the timber to prevent t he fixing pulling into the timber. Secure in place with M8 nyloc nuts, cover 4 holes in ends using 4xBlack caps. (1.2)(1.3)
3. Attach L Brackets to legs of frame with coach bolts provided. Pilot holes required to stop timber from splitting
4. Place Akadinda in desired location and mark 4 holes for surface fixing.
5. Fix to Surface using recommended ground anchors not supplied
6. Make sure all fixings are covered and secure using cover caps provided

Instrument Components:

M10 Wedge Nut x2
M10x30 SS Washer x2
M8x25 SS Washer x8
Eye Straps x2
M8 Lock Nut x4
Pin Torx 25 Driver Bit x1
M10x130 Bolt x2
1-x38mm Secure Screw x4
Black Caps x8
5x70mm Screw x4

Surface Fix Components:
M8x50 Coack Screw x8
L Brackets x4
2 Part Cover Cap x4

Assembly Guide
Components List:

M10 wedge nut X2
Black Plastic Cap X8
M10x130 Bolt X2
M10x30 washer X2
MBx25 washer X8
5x70 screw X4
M8 Nyloc nut X4
Surface Fix L Bracket X4
2 Part black cap X4
5x50 Coach screw X4

Spares available from or your local distributor.