Ground Fixed Akadinda
Installation Instructions:

1. Assemble Akadinda frame comprising 2x ‘X’-shaped legs and 1x horizontal beam. (See Assembly Guide).Cover 8 holes on horizontal beam using 4x30mm caps (1.1).
2. Locate M8x80mm eye bolts through pre drilled holes using flat washers on both sides of the timber to prevent the fixing pulling into the timber. Secure in place with M8 nyloc nuts, cover 4 holes in ends using 4x30mm caps. (1.3).
3. Place Akadinda in desired location and mark 4 holes for excavation.
4. Excavate holes to min. depth 150mm according to required height for intended players. Hole depth guide below.
5. Locate legs in holes and check levels prior to concreting in place. Once happy with location and levels, fill holes using rapid hardening concrete. Leave to dry according to manufacturers guidelines.

Instrument Components:
M10 Wedge Nut x2
M10 x30 SS Washer X2
Ey Straps x2
M8x25 SS Washer x8
M8 Lock Nut x4
10x38mm Secure Screw x4
M10x130 Bolt x2
5x70mm Screw x4
Black Caps x8

Assembly Guide: Components List

M10 wedge nut X2
Black Plastic Cap X8
M10x130 Bolt X2
M10x30 washer X2
M8x25 washer X8
5x70 screw X4
M8 Nyloc nut X4