Wall Fixed Cherub
Installation Instructions:

1. Mark hole positions on wall, then drilI to manufacturer specified diameter and depth of M8 rawl bolt (See Wall Fix installation sheet)
2. Once holes are drilled insert M8 rawl bolts into holes and set in place to secure tightly.
3. Attach instrument to rawl bolts or other suitable wall anchors (not supplied) making sure they are tight to the wall.
4. Once all mounts are fixed in place attach the beaters at each end of the instrument on directly to the wall.

Saddle Straps x2
10x38mm Secure Screw x4
Pair Small Beaters x1

Thread Lock Solution Required (Not Supplied)
Wall fixings are not supplied, installer will select suitable method of fixing. Suggested Fixing M8 Rawl Bolt.

Install instrument with 1m free space (from widest point) around it.
Spares available from percussionplay.com or from your local distributor.