Surface Fixed Duo

Installation Instructions

Install instrument with 1.5m free space (from widest point) around it.

1. Attach the steel legs to the base of the instrument with the M8 Nyloc Nuts and 2 part security caps. (1.1) (See Assembly Guide)
2. Attach Surface Fixing posts to legs (1.2) (See Ground Fix Post Installation Sheet)
3. Locate Plate in desired location and mark holes to fix to desired surface.
4. Fix to Surface using recommended ground anchors not supplied
5. Make sure all fixings are covered and secure using cover caps provided
6. Attach the 1 pair of beater to the saddle strap on each leg (1.3)

Instrument Components:
M8 Nyloc Nut x8
M6x20 Security Screw x4
2 Part Cover Cap x2
M6 Saddle Strap x2
Pair Small Red Beatersx2

Surface Fix Components:
M10x70 Security Screw
M10 Barrel Nut x2
2 Part Cover Cap x8

Ground anchors not supplied.
Spares available from or your local distributor.
Spares available from or from your local distributor

Assembly Guide: Components List

2 Part Cover Cap X8
M10 Nut X8
M10x200 Threaded Bar X4
Saddle Strap X2
M6x20 Pin torx X4
M8 Nyloc nut X8
M10x70 Pin torx X2
M10 Barrel Nut Pin torx X2
Surface Fix Post Installation

1. Locate the Surface fix Plate into the leg of the instrument.
2. Fix instrument to Surface fix plate using M10 bolt and Barrel Nut and use thread locking solution to prevent fixings working loose.
3. Fix Surface Plate to the ground surface Ground Anchors Not provided cover fixings with caps provided