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Music For The Great Outdoors
Percussion Play are the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments. Designed with durability in mind, we are committed to making musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Music Made For The Great Outdoors
Bringing Outdoor Music To Your School
“It’s awesome to hear the music playing and it’s a beautiful, engaging space for students.”
Sandy Rusher Principal of Park Hill Elementary
Music is like physical exercise: it’s for all ages and for all people. Like physical exercise, participation in music leads to good health and wellbeing. An outdoor ‘soundscape’ excites and inspires young people musically while they enjoy the obvious benefits that come from spending time in the natural environment-exploring new sounds whilst enjoying the fresh air! Kids will love the fact that music can be used in a context outside of the classroom and the instrument’s clever design and use of the pentatonic scale means they’re so easy to play. The whole community will be able to develop musical skills without having to manage the technical demands of an instrument - subtly integrating music into the everyday experience of the children. Creativity, imagination, and discovery should be facilitated and encouraged in music education and through hands-on active learning in a free-play environment; where there are no wrong notes, communication, cooperation, expression, and confidence in students will grow and grow. That’s not all - music can be connected to many other subject areas. Through exploring music students can find natural connections to mathematics, science, reading, writing, and performing arts.

These instruments are ideal for quieter shady spaces where students can play music together, sit and read or just chill out with their friends. Soft in sound, playing these instruments will give students a sense of calm in an outdoor place where they can relax and enjoy the visual and audible ambiance. Instruments for Sensory Play
The Babel Drum is a wonderful unique hand drumming experience and players will enjoy improvising with the mesmerizing sounds they produce. The mellow tones are never brassy or too loud - perfect for musical exploration in the fresh air.
Babel Drum

The Duo was initially designed to enable those on the autistic spectrum to engage with the instrument’s in their own way by allowing two people to interact and make music together without the need to look directly at each other: allowing them to concentrate entirely on the auditory process, comfortably and in their own space.
The curvaceous design is not just about looking stylish. The wave makes it easier for individuals with limited range of movement, or players in wheelchairs, to reach all of the notes.
Although large in stature, striking the Emperor Chimes Triad with the palm of your hand or fingertips anywhere along the tube produces a soft, velvety rich tone that you not only hear but can feel as well.
“Our students can now ‘make their own kind of music’ using emotions, whole-
body movement, tapping, clapping, dancing, rhythm, and repetition along with the use of cooperating skills. Simply brings joy. ” Hastings Kindergarten Teacher
Emperor Chimes Triad

Lift For Life Academy
‘Educate, Empower, Uplift’ is the motto for the Lift For Life Academy (LFLA) a charter school located in St Louis, MO, and their newly installed outdoor musical instruments are helping students achieve all three of these goals.
Marshall Cohen, LFLA executive director and co-founder explained that he wanted the outdoor musical instruments to serve as reinvestment in exposing the younger students to music while adding new energy to the playground. With the diverse range of instruments now available, s
tudents can interact with each other through the instruments, playing them in unison to form a greater sound. “The experience heightens their understanding of audio and shows how music can bring them all together, and add a further sense of community within the academy.”

Lift For Life Academy
Being exposed to music from a young age has been proven to encourage interaction and teamwork, improve memory, self-confidence, and empathy and support the development of communication skills. The basics of playing musical instruments help to build dexterity and motor skills amongst the students, and are also a wonderful way to express who they are and what they are feeling.
“Melodies will continue to be heard outside of the walls of Lift for Life Academy and our kids will have the opportunity to experience both greater community and success through music. The new additions have been a big hit for the children who have long needed to stay home given the pandemic.”
“The musical instruments give students a chance to play on real instruments during recess, and lesson-times benefit not only their musical skills but also impact their social, linguistic, and behavioral development”
Marshall Cohen
LFLA, Executive Director and Co-founder

Why Music is Better Outdoors
Some things just work better outdoors and music is one of them! Here are a few reasons why:
A great music program uses your whole environment, and musical instruments in your outdoor area will encourage children to learn about music through free play and exploration, subtly integrating music into their everyday school experience. Children revel in the freedom to explore the range of sounds, tempos, and dynamics of the musical instruments. Children need to own their music and free play is what gives them mastery. Music is an intensely social experience; children learn to cooperate by making music together, whilst also learning about taking turns and sharing the musical instruments with their peers. The introduction of an outdoor musical space or trail will help children discover the joy and empowerment of music-making while enjoying the benefits of spending time in the natural environment.

Music also has an inherently physical dynamic; movement to music is a wonderful way to get kids up and active - offering opportunities for both fine and gross motor activity. They’ll learn that the instruments can be played in a number of different ways and that they are in control of how the instrument sounds. Children can learn to explore their emotions through music and to share these emotions with others; plus they’ll learn they can use music to affect their own emotional state. When you are feeling angry, nothing makes you feel better than playing the drum really loudly right?
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