Wall Fixed Freechimes Soprano Diatonic (Notes Only)
Installation Instructions:

1. Position Freechimes in desired location, according to correct Key stage height, this may require 2 persons.
2. Mark hole locations for each of t he brackets at correct spacing in desired location
3. Drill hole locations according to your chosen fixings (frame fixings, wall bolts or chemical anchors) depending of the structure of the wall.
4. Fix through Brackets to surface with suitable fixings (not supplied) in correct orientation and Key stage and attached notes with fixings provided.
5. Beaters can be fixed to Backboards or directly to wall depending on customers preference.

Eye Straps x2
10x38mm Secure Screw x4
Pair Small/Large Beaters x1
Thread Lock Solution Required (Not Supplied)

Wall fixings are not supplied, installer will select suitable method of fixing.