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Percussion Play are the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments. Designed with durability in mind, we are committed to making musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere.
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Music for Inclusive Communities
“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand”
Stevie Wonder
American Singer-songwriter
An inclusive community is a place where everyone feels they belong, are valued, and supported to actively engage and socially connect with others. Crucially, a socially connected neighborhood requires spaces for people to gather, to create new friendships, and contribute. ADA accessible parks enable people of all ages and abilities to be physically active and challenged, however it is music parks or playgrounds with outdoor musical instruments that offer a unique opportunity and approach for social connections. They encourage human interaction, from children of diverse abilities playing together side by side, to parents, adults with disabilities, and seniors all able to join in creating outdoor musical hubs for harmonic community connections!
Shared music-making leads to wonderful, and often profound, feelings of connection and unity and is incredibly important in creating a welcoming and inclusive community for all. Building a community music park or playground using fun, easy to play, accessible outdoor musical instruments will help break down barriers, quash misconceptions and focus on the abilities of individuals with disabilities rather than their differences, demonstrating that anyone can communicate through the universal language of music.

Music to Support Communication & Self Expression
Music can have a profound effect on anyone, but the rewards of exposing people within the disabled community to live music-
making can be huge. Making music can provide a fun and non-threatening approach to encourage creative and emotional expression and through the medium of music, many essential life skills can be learned or developed.
“Connecting with children of different backgrounds and abilities encourages empathy as well as social and emotional skills. To see this inclusive park with so many children playing alongside each other is magical”
Alana Sagar ‘Differently Abled Children of Marlborough’, NZ.
For individuals who struggle to express themselves through speech or where words fail, music can become an outlet to explore one’s inner world and experiences. When supported to express themselves non-verbally by playing music with others, there often follows an improvement in speech and verbal communication.
Making music can mean much more than simply playing an instrument and creating a sound - it is about freedom, expression, aspiration, and achievement.

Music Therapy
Music therapy is becoming an increasingly popular form of holistic ‘healing’ and is used in hospices, care homes, residential homes, schools, and rehabilitation centers to great positive effect. Music therapy using outdoor musical instruments can support people living with disabilities in a wide range of ways. Their simple pentatonic scales are harmonious in whichever order they are played, this helps remove feelings of fear or self-doubt and allows individuals to participate more meaningfully.
Several outdoor instruments installed together will allow the therapy to take the form of a group session. An outdoor ensemble will encourage peer interaction, improve communication, and maximise social and emotional benefits alongside the physical and mental stimulation of being outside and connecting with the natural environment. “We are extremely happy with the instruments and our children love them. We look forward to many years of fun for our deserving families.”
Debb Winn Children’s Healing Center- Program Coordinator

Using Outdoor Musical Instruments to Develop Physical Skills
Outdoor musical instruments in a school playground, sensory garden, or park will offer players the opportunity of developing, maintaining, and/or restoring physical skills in a fun, creative way. Simple to play but pleasing to hear, the instruments can be used to motivate movement and facilitate exercises designed to; develop and maintain muscle function, increase fine and gross motor skills, increase range of motion, strengthen equilibrium, develop hand-eye coordination, and encourage cross-lateral body movements. For those with very limited movement, the placing of hands-on vibrating lids of outdoor drums, or along the surface of chimes can elicit a positive response and stimulate tactile exploration.

“Staff working with our pupils with more complex physical needs have reported that the instruments have been great motivators during physio and OT work, encouraging pupils to stand for longer periods of time, or stand and use their physical skills independently.”
Rachel Hayden Medina House Community Special School, UK
Relaxation is an important component in achieving an increased range of motion and flexibility, especially for those who have difficulties with spasticity. Music-making in a calm outdoor environment will provide a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for players to experience success and causes the brain to discharge those feel-good endorphins.

Music And The Spectrum
Music can support people who live with autism and their families in many ways including helping with communication, emotional wellbeing, and social interaction. Percussion Play’s Duo is particularly beneficial due to its shape and note layout which allows for close social interaction without forcing close physical proximity. The players can interact with each other in a safe space without the need for direct eye contact, offering the chance to explore and experience creativity non-verbally through a shared moment together.

Making music together can help build a harmonious cooperative spirit of support and encouragement for everyone. People with disabilities deserve the opportunity to join in, to practice and acquire new skills and abilities, the chance to be creative, for their independence to be fostered and self-confidence and self-esteem enhanced. Outdoor musical instruments located in inclusive community environments have such exciting potential for both young and older people who face a wide range of life challenges. These soundscapes mean people of all ages and abilities who want to make music, can make music, and reap the personal, social, and collective benefits that come with it.
The Power of Percussion Play
“Your amazing instruments have transformed our sensory area and helped create a truly inclusive sensory experience, for young and old alike, regardless of abilities”
Niamh Egan
Chair of Greystones Inclusive Playtground Comittee

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