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Music For The Great Outdoors
Percussion Play has the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of outdoor musical instruments to choose from. Combining sculpture with music, our instruments are ideal for schools, Parks & Rec teams, local authorities, family attractions, housing developers, and landscape architects looking for dynamic, inclusive playful items which add energy and soul to countless outdoor spaces. Integrated with local architecture or landscaping they cross the boundaries of regular play equipment and can be appreciated by everybody irrespective of age, or ability. Sound Landscaping

Constructed of resilient, easily cared for materials, these instruments can withstand the worst effects of the elements, in all sorts of environments, with no detriment to their sound or tuning. Each instrument is designed to avoid costly or long term maintenance. Where possible we’ve designed the instruments to be played simply by using your hands, but where beaters are required, we’ve engineered them as one complete piece attached using coated stainless steel cables.
Most instruments are made from 316 stainless steel or anodized aluminum with high corrosion resistance, making them stand out in terms of durability, performance, and appearance.
“The outdoor musical instruments create a durable way for kids
to engage in creative play. We wanted instruments that were
easy to install, sounded beautiful, and were accessible to kids
of different ages”
Falon Mihalic Landscape Architect
Therapeutic Landscapes
Music is like physical exercise, it’s for all ages and for all people. Participation in music leads to good health and wellbeing. Music making is fun and uses different skills to the ones that most people usually employ on a day to day basis making it relaxing, relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. Outdoor musical instruments are an innovative and delightful way for children and adults to enjoy the outdoors. They are fully inclusive, accessible, and multigenerational, making it possible for players of all ages and abilities to engage in musical play. Grandparents can play alongside their grandchildren (or even great grandchildren!) and children with disabilities who are often left to sit and watch their able bodied friends and siblings have fun can now play side by side in a sensory rich playground environment.

Therapeutic Landscapes
Everyone and anyone can make music. Playing musical instruments can help bring communities together across generations, cultures, social classes, income brackets and ability in a way that no other medium can. Music is able to bring a diverse group of people together in the community because it transcends language limitations, instead providing its own language of rhythm and melody to enable players and users to communicate with each other non verbally. Providing opportunities for members of a community to be around each other in this way promotes familiarity, the formation of healthy relationships, and helps to engender a sense of belonging for those who participate. It is apparent that music can help to develop a more harmonious society if access to it is provided and engagement promoted.
“Music whether vocal or instrumental, is such a universal and integral part of brain development, culture, emotional regulation, and daily life. With the addition of our wonderful outdoor musical playground, our students can now ‘make their own kind of music’”
Hastings Kindergarten Teacher

Lions Pride Park Brings Community Alive
Created from a shared vision of the local Lions Club, Warrington Township, and local school students, the park is a model of accessibility and intergenerational use that is exciting, attractive, and engaging for people of all ages and abilities.The Township and the Lions Club employed the services of Landscape Architects Viridian Landscape Studio to transform the ideas of local elementary school students and the public through surveys, interviews, and multiple design workshops, to create an exciting accessible public play space unique to Warrington - one that would become a centerpiece of community life for people of all ages and abilities. The focal points of the new park are The Grove and Kids’ Mountain, home to a brand new, unique playground that includes large, long slides that descend from the playground’s mountain top. Great public spaces draw people together, bring communities alive, generate pride and a sense of belonging, they foster connections and create opportunities. Lions Pride Park in Warrington, Pennsylvania has managed all of this while breathing new life into a disused space. The popular outdoor space has even been named one of 2021’s Great Places in Pennsylvania by the American Planning Association’s Pennsylvania Chapter in the category of ‘Great Public Spaces’.

Lions Pride Park Brings Community Alive
This area encourages creative free play and physical challenges with climbing towers, swings, bridges, and space for winter sledding. A sensory trail leads to the top of the mountain that is planted with native species and pollinator plants.
There is also an array of visual, audio, tactile, and sensory experiences throughout the Park, including a smartphone app that provides information about the park for blind visitors, and of course, an area for outdoor musical play. The grove included Rainbow Sambas
, Akadinda
, Tu b u la r B e lls
, Congas
, Duo
, Cherub
, Sansa Rimba and Alto Diatonic Freechimes
. This music area has a mixture of instruments tuned to both pentatonic and diatonic scales to empower both aspiring musicians and those with a little musical knowledge. “Not a day goes past that you cannot hear the beautiful sounds of music traveling across the park. The community wanted real musical instruments in the park – not just noisemakers – and the intergenerational play they provide totally supports the ethos behind this playground.”
Tavis Dockwiller
Principal and Founder of Viridian Landscape Studio

Music Matters
When searching for inspiration and the right instruments, you can browse through our website to find and download all the necessary files and technical documentation, enabling you to create your unique solution for the play and activity space. Alternatively, to incorporate our products into your plans quickly, our CAD & 3D drawings, product specifications, media files and more are free to download from the Percussion Play CADdetails page
. This is an online source for manufacturer specific product information for input into working plans and specification documents.
Percussion Play have supplied instruments to projects in school playgrounds, parks, activity trails, family attractions, museums, hospitals, senior centers, seaside piers, zoos and even a cruise ship. No musical knowledge or skill is required in order to create beautiful sounds and all instruments are orchestrated to be pleasing to the ear for the players and those listening nearby.

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