Installation Instructions

Install instrument with 1.5m free space (from widest point) around it.

1. Attach the steel legs to the
base of the instrument with
the M8 NylocNuts and 2 part
security caps. (1.1) (See
Assembly Guide)
2. Attach Ground Fixing posts
to legs(1.2) (See Ground Fix
Post Installation Sheet)
3.Excavate 1 hole for the
Steel legs 250mm diameter
by 350-500mm deep
depending on Key stage, in
desired location upon
decision from customer
4. Locate (lower) leg into
holes making sure they are
vertical and level prior to
concreting in place.
5. Once happy with location
of the Instrument, fill holes
using rapid hardening
concrete. Be sure to compact
concrete around legs and
leave to dry according to
manufacturers guidelines.

2 Part Cover Cap M8 X4
M10 Nut X4
M10x200 Threaded Bar X2
M8 Nyloc nut X4
M10x200 Bolt X2
M10 Nut X4
Assembly Guide: Components List

2 Part Cover Cap M8 X4
M10 Nut X4
M10x200 Threaded Bar X2
M8 Nyloc nut X4

Ground Fix Post Installation

1. Insert M10x 200 Threaded
bar into pre drilled holes
in Ground Fixing Post
2. Fix M10x 200 Threaded
bar in place using M10 Nuts
3. Excavate a hole with a
250mm diameter tapering
down to 350mm diameter
and 350mm depth
4. Compact base of hole with
50mm of aggregate.
Lower ground Fix post
attached of instrument
into hole (check
instrument straight and
level before filling with
5. Fill hole with fast drying
concrete to manufacturers