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Percussion Play are the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments. Designed with durability in mind, we are committed to making musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere.
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The Rise of the Music Park & Playground
The number of music parks, playgrounds and trails has grown rapidly over recent years, providing inclusive communities with spaces for individuals, families and friends to stroll, unwind and create great music together in a fun and carefree way. They’re a wonderful way to encourage more people to become involved in music-making, a special way to celebrate the arts in a community as well as providing interactive and inclusive fun family-friendly experiences.

Perks of a Percussion Park Arts and music education are in crisis with school time and budgets under pressure, music parks and playgrounds may hold the key to securing its long-
term availability.
Music parks provide space for communities of all ages and abilities to meet and interact with each other. They’re also great spaces for concerts and musical events to develop a sense of community. Pocket music parks or mini music stations are a relatively low cost, easy way to revitalize areas that have been otherwise forgotten and turned into spaces with real potential for interactive and creative experiences.
Many people do not have access to musical instruments on a regular basis, so it’s an exciting possibility to be able to bring music-making on real instruments to people in their neighborhood public spaces. These everyday locations can become inclusive, inspiring and musically creative environments accessible to all members of the community.
Here are some of the known benefits:

Perks of a Percussion Park Music can bring a diverse group of people together in the community simply because it transcends language limitations providing its own language of rhythm and melody to enable its players and users to communicate with each other non-verbally. A music park is a tremendous catalyst for engaging people in play, learning, healing, and innovation.

Increasing Accessibility Makes the Outdoors Open for All
It is over 30 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed which has had a huge impact for the millions of Americans who live with mobility, visual, hearing, cognitive, or other disabilities. The ADA played a key role in incorporating the concepts and practices of accessibility into playgrounds and outdoor public spaces however, we still have a way to go with many outdoor areas still not inclusive to all. Creating accessible and inclusive local parks and playgrounds is especially important. Playgrounds allow family members to interact together outdoors and serve an important role in helping children develop their social skills. When public spaces are improved and made accessible, everyone benefits.
Outdoor musical instruments are now becoming regular features in ADA accessible and inclusive playgrounds. As ground-level play components, they enhance and help make play spaces meet the needs of children of all abilities, allowing them to have fun and create happy memories with their friends and families. Children with disabilities benefit from free, unstructured play just as other children do, and they have a right to equal opportunities. Truly, music is a wonderful gift for all of humanity that should be enjoyed by everyone.
“Connecting with children of different backgrounds and abilities encourages empathy as well as social and emotional skills. To see this inclusive park with so many children playing alongside each other is magical.”
Alana Sagar Differently Abled Children of Marlborough Group

Bridge to Bay Musical Parklet The purpose of the trail is to connect trail users to downtowns, neighborhoods, parks, museums, beaches, and lighthouses. Upon reaching Marine City, trail users can now stop to carry out any essential bike repairs, relax and make music in new musical projects located along the trail.
The Musical Parklet located behind the Marine City Library was a winner of the Play Everywhere Challenge, a grant-awarding contest from KaBOOM! and the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation. The grant awarded funds for the city to install outdoor musical instruments, including a Cheru
, Cavatina
, Tubular Bells
, Rainbow Sambas
, Akadinda
, and a seating area, bike racks and small repair stations, and a Bridge to Bay Trail information kiosk.

9 “The city wanted to connect the gap in the Bridge to Bay Trail system within the city limits with a renewed interest in promoting the trail system as an additional recreation choice for community members,” Goodrich said. “The musical parklet is located directly off of the bike path and we are encouraging visitors to utilize the countywide trail system to access the new parklet.”
The park was designed as a community build project and several community members, city commissioners and representatives from the Marine City Lions Club came out to assist the department of public works employees in installing the project elements.
Clerk Kristen Baxter said. “We are excited to share this new, interactive park with our community. It will be fun to see both kids and families alike enjoying it.”
“The all-inclusive musical parklet will provide our residents of all ages and abilities with additional outdoor recreation opportunities, which is great for families who are spending so much time together right now”
Kristen Baxter
Marine City Clerk

Creating the Perfect Music Park or Trail
Outdoor music projects often start with a vision of an individual person or a small group of people who share a passionate belief that music is something that absolutely everyone in their local community should have the opportunity to access and enjoy. Here is a summary of our Guide to Creating a Community Music Park or Trail.
Location: Look at what facilities already exist to determine how best to develop an existing play area, local-park or open space into your communal music park or trail. Building within an existing park can often cut project costs dramatically.
Teamwork: You’ll need a collaboration of like-minded individuals with various skill sets including; fundraising, PR, construction and finance management to bring different perspectives to your project and design.
Seek Advice
: Community or service groups will have experience in managing this type of project and could share that expertise with you.

Selection: With technical Information, photos and videos our resellers are equipped with all the information you need to make choosing your instruments easy and enjoyable. Funding & Finances: Approaching and gaining the support of local businesses and organizations for sponsorships, donations, or volunteers can create partnerships with opportunities that benefit all involved.
Build: Building a music park with volunteers will take time and effort, but the benefits go beyond saving money. Involving the local community is a great way for people to meet and for residents to get involved and create a space for everyone to be proud of.

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