Ground Fixed Rainbow Sambas
Installation Instructions

1. Assemble fixing brackets to base of sambas using M8x25mm security screws and lock washers. (1.1)( See Assembly Guide)
2. Arrange Sambas with minimum spacing between each drum at 230mm and mark holes for excavation. Each hole should be 80-100mm larger than the drum itself.
3. Excavate marked holes to 300mm depth making sure the holes have a level base allow the sambas to sit vertical.
4. Once happy with location of the sambas, fill holes using rapid hardening concrete. Be sure to compact concrete around metal brackets and leave to dry according to manufactures guidelines.

Instrument Components:

M8x25 Security Screw x34
M8 Lock Washer x34
L Brackets x17
Rainbow Sambas are pre-assembled

Thread Lock Solution Required (Not Supplied)
Spares available from or from your local distributor

Assembly Guide: Components List

M8x25 Pin torx X34
M8 Lock washer X34
Ground Fix L Bracket X17

Thread Lock Solution Required (not supplied).
Spares available from or from your local distributor
Ground Fix Installation (1/2)

TX 40 Driver Bit

1. Attach L- Brackets to base of each drum using M8x25 Bolts and lock washers provided.
2. Excavate 5 holes 300mm deep that are 100mm larger than each samba. Each hole should taper down making the base diameter at least 100mm larger than the surface hole
Ground Fix Installation (2/2)

3. Compact each hole with a maximum of 65mm of aggregate and lower each samba into its hole
4. Fill each hole with fast drying concrete to manufacturers specifications.

Foundations should not present a hazard. These foundations are recommended as a guide, for more information on foundation details for various surface see Part 1 of BS EN 1176.