Surface Fixed Rainbow Sambas

Installation Instructions
1. Assemble fixing brackets to base of sambas using M8x25mm security screws and nyloc nut s. (1.1) ( See Assembly Guide)
2. Arrange Sambas in desired location and mark holes to fix to desired surface.
3. Fix to Surface using recommended ground anchors (Ground Anchors are not supplied)
4. Make sure all fixings are covered and secure using cover caps provided.

Instrument Components:

Rainbow Sambas (pre-assembled)
M8x25 Security Screw x34
L Brackets x17
2 Part M12 Cover Cap x17
M8 Nyloc Nut x34
Assembly Guide: Components List

M8x25 Pin torx X34
Surface Fix L Bracket Xl 7
M12 2 Part black cap X17
M8 Nyloc nut X34