Wall Mounted Rainbow Trio Bongos
Installation Instructions:

1. Attach bongos to wall mount with the M 10x50 security screws, square washers and PU mounts. (1.1) (See Assembly Guide)
2. Position Bongos in desired location, according to correct Key stage height, this may require 2 persons.
3. Mark hole locations (X3) on Using mount plate as a guide, making sure instrument is level. Use Template supplied.
4. Drill hole locations (X3) according to your chosen fixings (frame fixings, wall bolts or chemical anchors) depending of the structure of the wall.
5. Fix through Plate (X3) with suitable fixings (not supplied) in correct orientation and Key stage

Instrument Components:

M10x50 Security Screw x6
M10x50x3 Square Washer x6
PU 200 Mount x4
PU 250 Mount x2
2 Part Cover Cap x3

Assembly Guide Components:
M10x50 Pin torx X6
M10x50x3 square washer X6
2 Part Cover Cap X3

TX 45 Driver Bit x1

Wall Anchors not supplied.
Spares available from percussionplay.com or from your local distributor.