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Percussion Play are the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments. Designed with durability in mind, we are committed to making musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere.
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Connecting Through Music
“Without doubt, music is best experienced with other people and communities need music - music brings communities together.”
Percussion Play
Everyone can make music and playing musical instruments can help bring communities together across generations, social classes, income brackets and ability in a way that no other medium can. Outdoor musical instruments and musical parks can have a huge positive impact on the community for a relatively low cost. Music can bring a diverse group of people together in the community because it transcends language limitations - instead providing its own language of rhythm and melody to enable its players and users to communicate with each other non-verbally. Providing opportunities for members of a community to be around each other in this way promotes familiarity, the formation of healthy relationships and helps to engender a sense of belonging for those who participate. In a diverse world like ours, accessibility is a crucial element in our design process and we’re committed to making sure as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits of outdoor musical play

Belleville Rotary
To commemorate its 100th Year of Community Service, the Belleville Rotary Club has unveiled a unique musical garden project aimed to entertain people of all ages year-round by providing an assortment of outdoor musical instruments from Percussion Play.
The project was completed over the course of a year by the Rotary Club, in conjunction with city staff.

Inclusivity and accessibility are two important pieces to the garden, these instruments are to be enjoyed by everyone, including those with limited range of movement, individuals on the autism spectrum, and people who can only process one sensory system at a time. The Duo Cupla was particularly selected for its accessibility have been specially designed to enable those on the autistic spectrum to engage with the instruments in their own way, whilst still interacting with another player but without having to make eye contact.
The installation was donated to the city of Belleville by the Rotary Club and was intended to mark the club’s centennial year.
“Kids love music. I think it’s going to be a big attraction and it could introduce younger kids to music, who maybe wouldn’t normally get a chance” Doug Peterson Rotary President
Modesto Rotary
There’s a new sound in downtown Modesto, a city in Stanislaus County, California
The Modesto Rotary Club has created an interactive, open-air music garden in the grassy courtyard in front of Modesto’s Gallo Center for the Arts. The project is part of the club’s centennial celebration and is a gift to the city and its residents. Modesto Rotary had long been planning and saving for a project to coincide with its chapter’s 100th anniversary. Then last year Modesto Rotary member and past president Lynn Dickerson met Percussion Play at the Rotary Convention where she had the idea to bring a music garden to downtown’s Gallo Center, where she has served as CEO since 2009. The 6,000 square-foot grassy area had been largely empty, used for the occasional lunchtime picnic but not much more.
“We have already witnessed some wonderful performances from members of the ‘Downtown Streets Team’ to families with little children, musicians, and adults who have stopped to play on the instruments.” Lynn Dickerson Modesto Rotary Member

Modesto Rotary
The club agreed and the project became a collaboration between the Modesto Rotary, Gallo Center and Porges Family Foundation with local landscape architect.
The music garden is now filled with seven Percussion Play instruments installed on an attractive paved semi-circular staged area surrounded by a wall on which people can sit and listen. There is still a large grassed area for visitors to picnic, making the space perfect for outdoor concerts, drum circles and impromptu music lessons. The Gallo Center celebrates the diversity of the community by offering an array of affordable cultural events and activities designed to appeal, and be accessible, to all and the music garden has created further opportunities for community engagement. “People from all over, who maybe normally don’t interact with each other, can come here. Families, downtown workers, people taking a break.” Phil Trompetter Former President of Modesto Rotary Club.
Hastings Kiwanis
Hastings Kiwanis had been looking for a local project to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Initially, the club wanted to construct a single musical playground in a Hastings park, but after further discussion decided to vastly upscale the project and create a musical playground in each Hastings elementary school - thereby allowing the instruments to be accessible and enjoyed by more children across the community. After nine months of successful fundraising, Hastings Kiwanis had enough money to place an order for the outdoor musical instruments for all eight musical playgrounds.

The schools could choose either a Trio Ensemble or Soprano Quartet Ensemble
. They could choose whichever ensemble made sense for them and their space. Hastings Public Schools all wanted the same or similar ensembles because the teachers work together across the curriculum. This way, it was more consistent.
Each of the musical playgrounds is open to the whole community, and with thanks to the efforts of these amazing volunteers, parents can bring their children to play with them at any time and music teachers can now bring students outside to learn. “Music is so important to the curriculum. It is a great, creative play for kids and helps reinforce what they are learning in the classroom” Michael Howie
Hastings Kiwani Project Leader

Lions Clubs
Both Pleasanton Lions Club and Montezuma Lions Club have been working hard to bring musical play to two elementary schools in their local districts. In the local playground next to Pleasanton Public School, an outdoor music area has become a place to encourage students to pursue music. The Pleasanton Lions recognized that playing musical instruments is proven to help develop healthy minds, bodies, and souls. With thanks to the club, students can now learn more about notes, rhythm, and other musical components in the great outdoors.
Montezuma Lions Club was inspired by outdoor musical instruments they saw in another community and committed to making the dream become reality. Taking this inspiration, they brought a new musical makeover to the existing playground at Montezuma Elementary. Students now have a wonderful opportunity each day while at recess to work with their friends to create a wonderful new tune.

Quitman Pilot Club
Thanks to the local Pilot Club, Governor Jim Hogg City Park in Quitman, Texas has undergone some inclusive and musical upgrades.
The new area of the park would focus on inclusive play, offering an attractive, engaging, and accessible play opportunity that can be enjoyed by people of any ability and any age. It was not long before colourful and playful Percussion Play instruments were delivered and installed by a local reseller. The instruments selected by the Quitman Pilot Club were chosen to enhance their motor skills and allow a diverse group of people to be able to socially engage with one another to have fun and make some great music.
To be able to purchase this gift, the 40-member non-profit club worked very hard on two fundraisers. They also applied for and received two generous monetary grants. Pilot International contributed $5K and The Wood County Electric Charitable Foundation contributed $10K. “What a wonderful gift. This addition greatly enhances our park and marks our city as a welcoming and inclusive-
play friendly destination.”
Rodney Kieke Quitman City Administrator

Outdoor music projects often start with the vision of an individual person or a small group of people who share a passionate belief that music is something that absolutely everyone in their local community should have the opportunity to access and enjoy. A music park or musical trail will provide an inclusive community place for individuals, families or groups of friends to stroll, unwind and create music together in a fun and carefree way. They’re a great way to encourage more people to become involved in music-making and bring people together in a way that few other activities can - fostering both individual growth and community development.
Music That Makes Community
“This new installation is designed to promote both community and creativity at the park for the young and the young at heart,”
Lisa Detwiler
President of Rotary Club of Wilmington.

Why Choose Percussion Play ?
Thinking of taking the plunge? Here are six reasons why music is good for the soul and good for the community. Music parks are a relatively low-cost, easy way to revitalize areas that have been otherwise forgotten and turned into spaces with real potential for interactive and creative experiences. Downtown areas or unloved spaces transformed into dynamic, vibrant destinations. Many people do not have access to musical instruments, so it’s an exciting possibility to be able to bring music-making on real instruments to people in the public spaces where they live, work, and commute. Without a doubt, music is best experienced with other people, and, communities need music - music brings communities together and transcends language limitations - providing its own language of rhythm and melody for players to communicate with each other, non-verbally and regardless of age, culture, or ability. They’re a wonderful way to encourage more people to become involved in music-making, a special way to celebrate the arts in a community as well as providing ‘interactive’ and inclusive fun family-friendly experiences that cross generations. Ensembles are a great way to get your outdoor music project moving quickly and easily and ensure the combination of instruments sound harmonious and comprise many aspects of percussion. Involving the local community in the design and build is a great way for families or individuals to meet and for new residents to get involved. Once finished the community will have created a space for everyone to be proud of.

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