M10 x70 Pin torx X2
M10 Barrel Nut Pin torx X2
M10x100 Pin torx X14
M10 Black Slide Plastic Bearing X28
SS Brace Bar X1
M6 Eye Bolt X2
M10x100 Security Screwx14
M10 Flanged Slide Bearing x28
M10 Barrel Nut x2
M10x70 Security Screw x2
Pair NeoprenePaddles X1

TX 45 Driver Bit
Pin Hex Driver Bit
x1 x2 BS EN 1176
Thread Lock Solution Required (Not Supplied)
Thread Lock Solution Required (Not Supplied)
Thread Lock Solution Required (Not Supplied)
M10 BZP Nut
x4 M10 x 700 Bar
M6 Eye Bolt
x2 Main Frame will arrive pre assembled

CAUTION: Tembos surface can get hot in direct sunlight, if possible install in shaded areas.
Spares available from or from your local distributor
Post Centres 620mm /
124 13/32 inch

Ground Fixed Tembos

Installation Instructions

Install Instrument with 1.5m free space (from widest point) around it.

1. Locate Tembos frame onto legs and, and bolt into place using pre drilled holes, 2 bolts per post. (See Assembly
2.Excavate 1 hole for Tembos W300xL800 by 600mm deep in desired location upon decision from customer. (See Ground Fix Post Installation
3. Insert the Ground Fix Bar between the 2 bases of the legs and fix in place with the nuts provided (See Ground Fix Post Installation sheet)
4. Locate frame into hole according to customers preference. Once happy fill holes using rapid hardening concrete. Be sure to compact concrete around legs and leave to dry according to manufacturers guidelines

Spares available from or from your local distributor
KS2 -
KS1 -
KS2 -
KS1 -

Locate the Ground fix Post into the leg of the instrument frame and insert threaded bar into lower section and fix with bzp nuts.
Fix instrument frame to Ground fix post using M10 bolt and Barrel Nut and use thread locking solution to prevent fixings working loose.
Excavate a holes with a 300mm wide by 800mm length and 650mm depth
Fix hole with fast drying concrete to manufacturers specifications. Compact base of hole with 50mm of aggregate.
Lower ground Fix post attached to instrument into hole (check instrument straight and level before filling with concrete)