Ground Fixed Tutti
Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Install Instrument with 1.5m free space (from widest point) around it.

1. Unpack frame 7no.
2. Lay packaging out on floor or assemble on non-abrasive surface to prevent marking of polished stainless steel.
3. Align holes on legs (opposite end to polished domes) and secure in place using 3no. M10 x 200mm threaded bar and 6no. M10 nuts provided. Colour Coded Tools required 2no. 17mm metric spanner/wrench (11/16 inch or alternatively using adjustable wrench) (See Assembly Guide Sheet)
4. Invert assembled frame so domed ends face upwards.
5. Insert 6no. M8x60mm Screws into pre drilled holes in frame using TX40 bit.
6. Attach 3No. Notes Panels to Frame and beater to each arm. (See Assembly Guide Sheet)
7. Excavate 1 hole for the Steel leg 300mm diameter by minimum 500mm deep in desired location upon decision from customer.
8. Locate (lower) legs into hole making sure they are vertical and level prior to concreting in place.
9. Once happy with location of the Instrument, fill hole using rapid hardening concrete. Be sure to compact concrete around legs and leave to dry according to manufacturers guidelines.

Ground Fixed Components:

M10x200 Threaded Bar x6
M10 BZP Nut x12
M8x60 Security Screw x6
M6 Saddle Strap x9
M6x20 Security Screw x18
Pair Small Red Beaters X3

Thread Lock Solution Required
TX 40 Driver Bit x2
TX 30 Driver Bit x1

Assembly Guide

Attach each Note Panel to the corresponding saddle straps on the Frame with the M6x20mm Screws provided
Attach one Red Beater to each of the arms to finish assembly.

Can be installed deeper if required
Spares available from or from your local distributor

If Harmony needs to
be positioned lower a
deeper hole can be

1. Excavate a hole with a
300mm diameter tapering
down to 400mm diameter
and 550mm depth
2. Compact base of hole with
50mm of aggregate. Lower
ground Fix post attached to
instrument into hole (check
instrument straight and level
before filling with concrete)
3. Fill hole with fast
drying concrete to