Surface Fixed Tutti
Installation Instructions:

1. Unpack frame 7no.
2. Lay packaging out on floor or assemble on non-abrasive surface to prevent marking of polished stainless steel.
3. Align Legs onto surface Plate, each leg should be numbered and cor responds with t he number on the base plate. (See Assembly Guide Sheet)
4. Insert 6no. M8x60mm Screws into pre drilled holes in frame using TX40 bit.
5. Insert 6no. M10x20mm Screws into pre drilled holes in frame using TX45 bit to at tach frame to surface base.
6. Attach 3No. Not es Panels to Frame and beater to each arm. (See Assembly Guide Sheet)
7. Locate Tutti in desired location and mark holes to fix to desired surface.
8. Fix Surface Plate to level surface using Coachscrews, Rawlbolts, chemical anchors or similar as deemed appropriate by Installer. (It is your responsibility to ensure that the existing surface is suitable to receive the appropriate fixing).
9. Make sure all fixings are covered and secure using cover caps provided.

Instrument Components:

M10 Nut
M6x20 Security Screw x18
M6 Saddle Strap x9
Surface Fix Components:
M8x60 Security Screw x6
M10x20 Security Screw x6
2 Part Cover Cap x4

Assembly Guide: Components List

Saddle Strap X9
M6x20 Pin torx X18
M8x60 Pin torx X6
M10x20 Pin torx X6

Attach each Note Panel to the corresponding saddle straps on the Frame with the M6x20mm. Screws provided.
Attach one Red Beater to each of the arms to finish assembly.