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Music For The Great Outdoors
Percussion Play are the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments. Designed with durability in mind, we are committed to making musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Music Made For The Great Outdoors
Musical Activities for All The Family
“Everyone is impressed with the instruments,
their build quality and sound”
Conner Prairie
Interactive History Park Indiana
Over the years our outdoor musical instruments have found themselves in many varied locations made for family fun, including amusement parks, theme parks, zoos, museums, farm parks, roadside attractions, shopping malls, sightseeing spots, as well as cultural and historical attractions.
From screaming thrill rides to wonderful animal exhibits, the top priority for each of these attractions is to present unique playful experiences that are interesting for all age groups, help create special memories and provide an awesome day out for the entire family.
Making music together is a fun activity that the whole family can get involved in - regardless of fitness level, age, gender or ability. Plus the cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits that music brings to children, parents and, elders means installing outdoor musical instruments is a heartwarming win-win for everyone.
In places where togetherness is the order of the day, our instruments let your guests discover their inner music-maker while playing with the people they love the most.

Sensory and Inclusive Play
The very best visitor attractions offer inclusive experiences for a range of ages and abilities and excel in offering their guests easy access to their exhibits. Additionally, their focus on different physical and sensory needs for people living with autism, learning disabilities, and sensory impairments, as well as those with varying mobility requirements, makes them stand out in terms of inclusivity.
Outdoor musical instruments are a great way for families and guests to take a calm moment away from the excitement of the main attractions, decompress and experience a different kind of activity together that will make a great day out even better.
As stand-alone features, installed in calm, sensory-friendly areas away from the lively park, they offer a tranquil opportunity for parents, grandparents, or guardians to interact with their children while providing a creative way for attractions to appeal to a wider range of guests with differing abilities and sensory needs

Creating Your Own Music Park
Our instruments are easy to play and are either pentatonically tuned (for easy improvisation with no clashing notes), or diatonically tuned (allowing the user to play favorite tunes as well as improvising or composing their own). Constructed of durable, easily cared-for materials, the instruments are low maintenance and require no safer surfacing. We assemble each instrument as far as possible before shipping and send clear, easy-to-follow installation instructions for each instrument.
Successful attractions with an outdoor element should always have a wet weather plan! Our ‘outdoor’ musical instruments have been successfully installed indoors in many different locations, including specially created music barns or sensory rooms. The majority of our instruments can be ground or surface fixed and we also have a range of space-saving wall-mounted instruments. From drums to xylophones, chimes, marimbas and even floor pianos our impressive catalog of instruments knows no limits and there is something for everyone. “This is an opportunity for kids to come play, and parents to play as well, and enjoy the whole thing as a family,” Gregory Hallock Executive Director Go Art! NY

Musical Playground for Children’s Museum, Minnesota
Minnesota Children’s Museum offers its visitors a musical experience that is located in the ‘Creativity Jam’ musical playground. The playground features five Percussion Play instruments, allowing visitors to quite literally jam with family, friends, and other visitors.
The museum was keen to incorporate more music into the museum, recognizing that through musical play kids not only have fun, but also build upon and develop important life skills.
All the museum’s exhibits are developed around the seven powers of play - the 7c’s - seven lifelong skills they believe children need to thrive, now and throughout their lives:
Creative Thinking - Critical Thinking - (Self)-Control - Confidence - Collaboration - Communication and Coordination
“It is so great to have these here and what a great way for children to learn about patterns in sound.” Jenny Covey
Museum Experience Lead

The goal for any new exhibit or program is to nourish the development of one or more of the seven powers of play in any way. Knowing that music helps develop confidence, creative and critical thinking, and communication skills, it made total sense to create a space for visitors to compose and play their own music in the new ‘creativity jam’ zone.
The design and development team began looking for large musical instruments that had pleasant tones and were easy to play, to build confidence and encourage a high success in creating music. They were also aware that the instrument they chose would have to hold up to the high numbers of visitors they see pass through their doors each year.
“They have great tones that are pleasant throughout the building. Everyone is successful when using the instrument, which encourages more musical exploration” Michelle Blodgett Exhibit Developer

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