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C Major Pentatonic (C4-C6)

The beautiful, elegant and healing sounds of the Cherub make it the perfect addition to sensory gardens in children's centres, special needs environments, hospitals, nursing homes, schools or colleges.

The 11 tubular bells are made from hand tuned, heavy duty anodized aluminium and are each mounted individually over impact-resistant dark green ABS plastic resonators which are equally precisely tuned.

The Cherub can be wall mounted or affixed to posts for easy installation into any surface. The elegant design is based on the Percussion Play Cadenza xylophone, however each note has a half degree spacing, creating a shape that when mirrored, resembles the wings of an Angel - hence the inspiration for the name.

Product Highlights

  • Clear, bright sustaining tone
  • Multi-generational Fun
  • Can be Wall Fixed
  • Disabled Access / ADA Accessible
  • Inclusive Play Equipment

High-Use We have designed heavy-duty versions of several our instruments; ideal for high use or unsupervised applications, where less durable fixtures and fittings may suffer from wear and tear. Heavy-duty versions have black anodized aluminium resonators instead of the coloured ABS with polyurethane caps on the end of each resonator. The notes are securely mounted onto high density poly-ethylene back-boards. Finally, stainless steel security fixings offer unparalleled durability.

Made to order in 2-4 Weeks.

Ground Install
MSRP $2,865.00
Shipping $229.20
Total $3,094.20
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Surface Mounted
MSRP $3,230.00
Shipping $258.40
Total $3,488.40
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Wall Mounted
MSRP $2,565.00
Shipping $205.20
Total $2,770.20
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