Children's Healing Center Expands their Interactive Music Garden Ready for Summer

The Children's Healing Center (For Children With Weakened Immune Systems) Continue To Make Beautiful Music In The Fresh Air

"We are extremely happy with the instruments, and our children love them. And so do our neighbors who have commented how glorious it is to hear the children outside playing them!"

The original music garden at the Children's Healing Center was installed back in the summer of 2016 and has proved so popular with the children, parents, and staff that earlier this year, they chose to include more instruments in the sensory garden, ready to be installed and enjoyed this summer.

"With support from the Junior League of Grand Rapids, the Dogwood Foundation, and Mieka Downing, we were able to add colorful Congas and a xylophone set to our musical garden. Our friends at Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc., stepped up once again to install the instruments. We are grateful for you all!"

Client: Children's Healing Center, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

About Our Client: The Children's Healing Center is a year-round non-profit recreational center for children who have weakened immune systems. Located in Michigan, they provide a safe, clean place for children with compromised immune systems to gather, engage with expert staff, learn, and play.

The Project: Expanding the interactive and musical outdoor space built for children ages 3-18 who may not otherwise have the opportunity to go and play outside with other children, their siblings, and their parents and have fun.

The Brief: The garden had to be imaginative, playful, accessible, and interactive. Most importantly it had to be specially constructed to lower the risk of infection from germs. Featuring hypoallergenic plants, fun animal statues, and special shade areas, the Center was also keen to include outdoor musical instruments in the design.

As wooden instruments may absorb moisture or other germs from the environment, the easy-to-clean and maintain stainless steel and aluminum musical instruments from Percussion Play were the perfect solution.

The Result: 'We are extremely happy with the instruments and our children love them. And so do our neighbors who have commented how glorious it is to hear the children outside playing them!' said Deb Winn, Program Coordinator at the CHC. ‘We look forward to many years of fun for our deserving families.’

This outdoor space is a triumph of teamwork for the staff, volunteers, and local companies involved, all keen to help assemble and install the garden's features and be part of the fantastic transformation.

We asked Deb Winn some further questions regarding our products and service:

a) How well did we communicate?

I felt like communication was excellent. We received email responses within 24 hours. Even with the time difference, phone calls were not a problem. I so enjoyed conversing with Robin; he is just the best!

b) How well your products were packaged for delivery and if delivered on time?

The products had exceptional packaging. Everything was wrapped and secured; therefore, nothing was damaged. Regarding the delivery, at first, I was a bit skeptical about ordering products internationally. I have had goods take forever and be held at customs. This was not the case. Everything was shipped and delivered in a timely fashion. A huge relief for us is that everything came in perfect condition. Also, we had to finish the garden remodel before we could assemble and install the instruments. I reached out with a concern about not being able to do this for more than a month. The response was “we will stand by our product 100%.” So no worries.

c) How clear were the installation instructions?

Very clear, even for our “Engineers” that volunteered to help us followed the directions. If they could do it, anyone can, Haha.

And finally, how likely is it that you would recommend Percussion Play and why?

‘I would be happy to recommend Percussion Play to anyone looking to buy outdoor musical instruments. The quality of the instruments is excellent and the customer service was outstanding.’