New Music Garden in Kansas Preschool Sparks Musical Expression and Creativity

A new music garden on the church grounds of a Kansas school provides preschool children with a place to make music together.

Last year, CrossPoint Church in Salina installed instruments from Percussion Play, using grants the church preschool received. The preschool team had plans to create a music garden, providing an outlet for children to express themselves, and music seemed like the perfect solution.

Percussion Play’s Rainbow Trio is incorporated in the garden, which includes Rainbow Bongos, the Rainbow Metallophone, and Rainbow Chimes, all brightly colored to engage young children. Shelly Peters, who oversaw the creation of the project, commented, “We were set on installing outdoor musical instruments, and after lots of research, we came across Percussion Play, which had fantastic reviews. When deciding which instruments to order, we were drawn towards the bright colors of the Rainbow Trio Ensemble, which are perfect for children of preschool age.”

Research by Percussion Play reveals that exposing young children to musical instruments can not only help children express feelings but also aid in developing hand-eye coordination, improving listening skills, and increasing gross and fine motor skills while developing muscle tone in the hands and arms. Young children have the instinct to create their melodies and explore their imaginations by hearing and making music first, then reading and writing it later, in the same way they learn language skills.

Shelly Peters continues, “We also knew that we wanted several instruments that multiple players could play simultaneously, so the Rainbow Trio is perfect for encouraging interactions between the children. The instruments are used in the children’s playtime outside.”

“Since the instruments have been installed, children have been enjoying playing them, but we are looking forward to warmer weather in Spring when we’ll be playing outside more. By far, my favorite instrument is the bongos - everyone loves the drums!”