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Emperor Chimes (Set of 6)

C Major Pentatonic (C3-C4)

Our Emperor Chimes are the daddy of all chimes, with the largest standing over 2.5m (8ft) in height.

They offer a complete C-Major Pentatonic Octave C3-C4 (also available in a harmonic group of three) as a complete set of six.

Striking the chime with the palm of your hand or fingertips just about anywhere along the tube produces a soft, velvety, rich tone that you not only hear but can feel as well. The harder you strike, the more it will vibrate, creating a louder sound with such resonance you can feel the vibration through your entire body.

It is an amazing experience, and you really do feel like you have been bathed in sound!

Product Highlights

  • Suitable for All Ages 4+
  • Tall and Striking -Deep Resonant Sound
  • Accessible From All Sides (Disabled Access / ADA)
  • Promotes Inclusive Play

Made to order in 6-8 Weeks.

Ground Install
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Shipping $884.40
Total $8,254.40
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Surface Mounted
MSRP $8,730.00
Shipping $1,047.60
Total $9,777.60
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