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Grand Marimba

C Major Pentatonic (C3-C5)

Our Grand Marimba is an outdoor musical instrument popular with Schools and Playground Designers alike.

This is a substantial outdoor musical instrument that produces a strong, deep, resonant sound – perfect as school playground equipment, for music therapy sessions and creative playgrounds.

The notes used on the Grand Marimba are made of hardwood and are equipped with individual resonator tubes on the underside. The resonator reflects and projects the sound back to the player resulting in more volume and a brighter sound. No wires or strings, each note is individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance.

In order to make the instrument accessible to all, the height, angle and space underneath of the instrument are such that a wheelchair user can enjoy playing the instrument comfortably.

The Grand Marimba is tuned to the C-Major pentatonic scale making it very easy and enjoyable to play.

The stylish contemporary stainless steel frame is suitable for ground or surface fixing.

Made to order in 4-6 weeks.

Ground Install
MSRP $5,100.00
Shipping $408.00
Total $5,508.00
Surface Mounted
MSRP $5,780.00
Shipping $462.40
Total $6,242.40
Shipping to USA, including Import Duties and Taxes (Delivered Duty Paid)

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