Retirement and Assisted Living Facility Extends Musical Trail with Outdoor Musical Flowers

Hassinghave is home to around 50 residents and is located in the scenic area of Vester Hassing, Denmark. The property is surrounded by a large, partially enclosed garden, with a vibrant multi-purpose community activity center located adjacently. Residents are encouraged to remain as physically active as possible with a rich program of events and activities to not only enjoy with their fellow residents but also members of the wider community.

The team at Hassinghave work hard to create a stimulating and attractive environment for their residents and back in the Spring of 2018 approached Percussion Play Denmark to purchase three outdoor musical instruments to create a small outdoor musical trail at the front of the building. Since being installed, the instruments have been used extensively by the residents of the nursing home to step outside and meet and play alongside visitors and passers-by - especially young children many of whom attend the local kindergarten located close by. The intergenerational play opportunities that have occurred have been uplifting and rewarding for all concerned.

It was no surprise therefore that nursing home manager Bente Hvarregaard Larsen decided to extend the musical trail to include a posy of Harmony Flowers and a colorful bunch of Harmony Bells. Bente chose musical flowers because ‘they are so beautiful, inviting and sculptural’. As with the other instruments, the musical flowers have been located at the front of the nursing home, giving residents, family, friends, and visitors free access to play all of the instruments and have a little musical fun in the fresh air. This interaction with members of the public of all ages has motivated residents to venture outside, take a little exercise, meet new people, and simply chat for a while. This in turn helps residents remain positive, prevents feelings of loneliness, stimulates conversation, and even fosters new friendships.

Hassinghave Nursing Home now boasts a community musical trail that includes the following instruments:Harmony Bells Bunch, Harmony Flowers Posy, large Babel Drum, Harmony, and Duo Outdoor Xylophone.

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