Latvian Music & Art Garden


Working with Latvia's most famous landscape architect Daiga Veinberga, Salaspils municipality wanted to create a special park next to their cultural building “Rīgava”.

Project Team:

Salaspils County Municipality
Daiga Veinberga - Landscape Architects
Playground Designer - Fixman LV

About the Project

The City of Salaspils is in central Latvia and 18km from the capital city Riga. Salaspils is a great place for young families to work and play.

The Music and Art Garden is surrounded by two artistic institutions - the Rīgava culture house and the Music and Art school.

The garden is an oasis of arts and music, and more. It is a place where open-air cinema shows, concerts, operas, live broadcasts, theatre performances, art exhibitions as well as fairs are held in summer. Special lighting has been installed to extend the park's open hours.

When there are no events, visitors can come and sit on the lawn, sunbathing, reading a book, or eating lunch.

Fixman LV have installed outdoor musical instruments in the garden along pathways and amongst benches for children and families to play and enjoy.

About Fixman LV

Fixman LV are a team of young, creative, active, and professional individuals creating innovative and functional children's play areas, where kids, teenagers, and adults would like to spend their free time. Their aim is to encourage society to move, play and spend more time outside and stay active!

They offer individual design services, that are adapted to customer needs and provide an installation and maintenance service plus various safety surface solutions. Their innovative Scandinavian design, attention to detail, and exceptionally long warranty make them stand out from the rest.