San Francisco Park Gets a Musical Makeover

A San Francisco playground has received a musical makeover, including instruments from Percussion Play, thanks to Let’sPlays - a public-private partnership that is currently modernizing playgrounds across the region.

The makeover of Herz Playground in McLaren Park, which cost over $3 million, now includes numerous outdoor musical instruments that children of all ages, and adults, can enjoy playing.

David Yosso, Owner of SpecPlay, worked with the landscape architects at MIG to help specify the Percussion Play equipment. The project was installed for the City of San Francisco Parks and Rec, which was funded through public funds and philanthropic donations. David comments on the project; “We were pleased to provide the outdoor musical equipment for Herz Playground and worked closely with the MIG design team to carefully choose the outdoor musical instruments, which include the Babel Drums, Harmony Flowers, and Emperor Chimes.”

Amanda Brown, Marketing Director for SPEC Play, comments; “Musical instruments in a playground add a special play experience that attracts all ages- not just kids! We’ll often see parents having a play on them with their children, so the instruments help intergenerational play. Younger children seemed to favor the Harmony Bells whilst the older kids understood and preferred the babel drums. My kids seemed to enjoy using their hands to play freely on the Emperor Chimes rather than using a mallet.”

Amy Mitchell, Principal at MIG, comments; “We chose to specify Percussion Play based on the wide variety of sound experiences, the age-appropriate suitability, and the proven durable materials used.”

Feedback from visitors to the park has been overwhelmingly positive, with people of all ages expressing their enthusiasm for these interactive musical installations. Users have enjoyed the opportunity to engage with one another with rhythm and sound outdoors in an unlikely setting. Parents have also commented on how the instruments encourage creativity, collaboration, and imaginative play in their children.

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